Deep Personalization

Build deeply personalized experiences, outperforming conventional recommendations by >40%. No segments and beyond collaborative filtering, but based on each user’s activity, preferences, demographics, and similarities. Subsequent user actions feed back into the learning algorithm, constantly improving it.

AI automates personalization on user level, game level, city, (game) category & theme, league, sport, team, similar games, and more. Reach users anywhere, from site, app to email and messaging, via standard integrations in weeks.

Users will be led to the content they will love, resulting in better entertainment & higher retention. At levels normal AI cannot perform.

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Deep Learning-Powered User Acquisition

Imagine you could identify good & bad CPA deals with >60% higher accuracy then today. Faster, predicting newly acquired Player Value already 2 weeks after campaign start.

Helping you to adjust budget by campaign, ultimately maximizing ROI of your company’s biggest cost position, acquisition marketing.

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Deep Learning-Powered CRM

Instead of applying the same (un)necessary bonus offer across whole user segments with a fixed estimated value based on rules, use AI to know the value of every specific player with >50% higher confidence then predictive analytics.

And predict churn with >30% higher likelihood. Early enough, giving you time to channel budget & customer operational attention more effectively.

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AI-Led Player Classification for Responsible Gaming

Avoid player harm, regulatory penalties and brand damage by predicting players at risk of problem gambling. Outperforming old rules-based systems: faster, so you can react before damage is done. Uncovering both known and unknown playing patterns.

Running 24×7, and without the increase in false positives, keeping your risk team headcount low.

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Bingo Chat Host Assistant

An industry-first, the Chat Host Assistant provides AI-powered chat analytics for chat hosts & managers, to monitor and improve chat room dynamics in real-time, and A/B test and optimize different chat strategies based on composition of chat messages and chat room health.

It also derives subjects of interest to the users using AI, and pulls content from popular sources like twitter and news and presents them to the chat host for injection into the chat room, who can use as-is, reject or adapt.

Better insight and control into chat, the primary retention factor for users, allows the operational teams to react to changes in user sentiment better and faster, and to focus on handling specific user issues like retention. This leads to longer user sessions, more product purchases and in turn a longer LTV.

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Automated CRM

The right game, bonus and timing for every player – predicting PLAYER VALUE, CHURN with high confidence allows a bonus AI propose both mechanic, value and timing, leading to 100% targeted CRM.

As the Deep Learning system continuously trains & tunes rewards learning from previous offers, operators can focus on high-value activities like optimizing retention strategies as input to the system and personal customer services.

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