Transforming business verticals through AI

Customised Machine Learning

VAIX enables consumer-facing internet businesses to utilize the power of AI and machine learning for their customers and operations.

Leverage AI

VAIX helps you leverage AI and deep/machine learning to hyper-segment your customers so that you can serve them with a personal touch.

Voice Powered Interfaces

VAIX voice-empowers your internet business including transactions, authentication and payments with an intuitive, intelligent service. Our name comes from our early focus on Voice/chat and AI Interfaces (VAIX)

Customer-service Algorithms

VAIX crafts customer-service algorithms which enable you to respond instantly and personally to your customers. We turn your historical chat and customer-service data into an asset which improves every interaction with your customers.

Our Technology

VAIX Artificial Intelligence solutions work differently and drive better results for your business.


Our holistic approach combines powerful AI data analysis algorithms with AI natural language processing. Most companies focus on hard data and ignore language because it’s easier. With VAIX, what your customer says to you is treated on par with their transactional history, and we develop a much deeper personal customer trajectory.


We bin the ‘bucket’. VAIX’s personal customer trajectory technology optimises every interaction with your users by treating them as individuals, and algorithmically optimising recommendations, incentives, and communications


Our Content-Generative marketing technology fuses marketing data science with AI content generation to deeply connect with users.

Our model in action

  1. Dynamically generated content captures user’s attention
  2. Customised web page deepens customer interest
  3. Products personally appealing to the user are highlighted
  4. Customer query instantly answered by natural language processing AI
  5. Customer makes first purchase and gets a customised promotion for next buy