Vaix is now part of the Sportradar family

The Goal

How to Increase Player Engagement and Revenue using Personalization

The Result

By leveraging VAIX’s Personalization AI, Corredor Empresarial’s BetPlay is able to better engage players and drive wagering.

The Company

Corredor Empresarial is Colombia’s leading online Sportsbook and Casino operator and has been in operation since 2017. With a huge range of Sports and Gaming products being offered 365 days of the year. Corredor Empresarial S.A is currently accredited with ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications in the administration and operation of marketing and information related to Gambling and Lotteries.

The Challenge

Better serving their users after registration is an increasingly vital consideration within the iGaming sector, with operators, historically focused on only player acquisition, are finding that keeping existing players engaged is cheaper and more sustainable for any operator.

With competition increasing in the online Casino sector, dozens of new games entering the market every month, and a decline in loyalty to brands showing the same games to users in a generic way, finding new and better ways to engage and retain users sits front-and-centre on every operator’s radar. True personalization, i.e. showing each user the games they like most, is the key feature making sense out of the 100s or 1000s of games in offer, for both user and operator.

German Segura, CEO at Corredor Empresarial said: “Corredor Empresarial and VAIX have been working together for a number of years now, so it was only natural to extend the relationship to our casino vertical. Our players will now experience a truly personalized journey within the casino product with a “Netflix” style lobby which continuously learns and adapts to each player’s unique needs and preferences.”

The VAIX Solution

VAIX uses Deep Learning AI to give each user what they want to play, from long-forgotten favourite to newly- launched game. From a “Games recommended for you” feature, which is the cornerstone of personalization, to favourite game categories, themes, mechanics and game studios. The “Netflix” experience for a casino game lobby can be rounded off with “most popular” or “trending” carousels across site or region. Vaix also has the ability to run multiple A/B tests in the backend to refine results without the operator having to do anything.

The Outcome

Armed with this data, BetPlay is able to give every player real personalization of the entire user experience according to his preferences, gaming patterns and also anticipating seasons. This resulted not only in higher user engagement via more wagers and longer game sessions, but also lower scroll fatigue, i.e. users finding their games and getting to play faster. It also shows a higher return rate of users of a personalized lobby vs generic sorting ultimately leading to higher retention.