Vaix is now part of the Sportradar family

Our Mission: AI built for iGaming

Instead of making Gaming operators adjust their business needs to a platform built for other industries, we built our AI with iGaming as the primary use case.

With our AI’s most atomic and essential unit not being a ecommerce “transaction”, but a wager embedded in a slots game session, or a bet in an accumulator or live football match, Deep Learning vastly outperforms the results of conventional AI and rules-based systems currently common in iGaming.

No segments, cohorts or clusters, but true one-on-one.

Collecting the mileage

Just like Tesla’s autonomous cars having driven over 10 billion miles to train their self-driving AI, being able to reflect a player’s state of mind and providing highest-possible accuracy in iGaming requires data.

Since 2016 we “drove” more then 60 billion transactions to offer a personalized experience to more than 50 million users. This provided our models with a level of performance unparalleled in the industry allowing us to apply these learnings for our customers.

AI already is a new SaaS in ecommerce with dozens of offerings (and growing). With AI on many operator roadmaps, but still not rolled-out broadly, this model is now coming to iGaming.


Using the output of our personalization, player value and activity models as basis, we started merging them to one combined player view.

Combining the pieces of the puzzle, 1) accurately predicting player lifetime & future value to provide best possible offer, 2) knowing a player’s preferred content to give them the best possible bet/game without searching, and 3) identifying (problematic) playing patterns, to adjust or filter out a player’s offering, ahead of time before damage is done, in our opinion is the most important enabler for creating a value-generating, player-friendly and sustainable industry.