Vaix is now part of the Sportradar family

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Predict a customer’s lifetime value with over 80% accuracy, using only first 2-3 days active days.

Such early & usable indication for Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) gives any Marketing Team the ability to change the direction of your marketing budget, ultimately maximizing ROMI of your company’s biggest cost position, acquisition marketing

VIP Predictions

  1. In the first 14 days the Deep learning player value model predicts which customers have the potential to become a VIP.
  2. The model classifies, which tier a player may hit.

Giving the VIP team a tool to manage potential high value customers early on and provide personalized offers to improve retention and the end goal, more revenues.


  • From data to production-ready model & API in 5 days.
  • Integration via your preferred CRM tool or direct integration into your data warehouse.
  • Tuning of the AI via bespoke model, filtering, output period, segmentation to have a complete 360 customer view