Vaix is now part of the Sportradar family

Personalized Game Recommendations

Bring your site to life with ever changing pages and carousels that react to each individual users activity and interests. With award winning deep learning models and many ways to surface new and existing content, our Recommender model is the cornerstone of your route towards a truly unique user experience.

We even solve the “cold start problem” to assist new users navigate their way to content we know they will enjoy. Our models have industry-leading reaction times meaning all users start enjoying the benefits of AI personalization straight away.

Unique Lobby Carousels

Using our extensive meta database we understand exactly what your users want and need from your content. Our approach is bespoke to every operator to surface your content in ways to keep your users happier for longer throughout the year, even adapting to seasonality and major events.

Similar Games

Don’t let your users spend time searching for the next game to play, instantly suggest games that best match the game they just played. Our models match games on multiple vectors to ensure high levels of interest and discovery organically through your content.


  • From receipt of data we can be ready in just 5 days on production.
  • Choose from REST API or widget integration routes to suit your needs across all channels.
  • Our models are constantly learning and fine tuning to be the best in the industry every day.
  • Check your stats and performance via our dashboards which are built to your requirements.
  • Use our proprietary BOOST tool to further enhance the recommendations.

Widget Builder

In this busy world with competing projects vying for your valuable technical resource why not choose our casino widget solution. Easy to imbed onto your sites and easy to manage using our proprietary widget builder tool which gives you the flexibility to build, drag and drop carousels in whichever way you wish.