Vaix is now part of the Sportradar family

Personalized Game Recommendations

Give users what they will play, from long-forgotten favourite to newly-launched game: “Games you may like” is the cornerstone of personalization, usable across the entire UX.

Favourite Game Tags

Know your users’ favourite game categories, themes and mechanics and use them across the entire UX.

Based on playing activity, Rightgame extracts players’ favourite tags across any taxonomy, adapting to seasonality, unlike other features.

Similar Games

Let the user discover new relevant games and favourites, easily.

Suggest related games and game themes to players, to the ones they already like playing or are interested in, allowing them to discover your game catalogue organically, based on their interest instead via static pre-selected categories.


  • Data to production-ready in 5 days, outperforming conventional recommenders by a factor of 2x.
  • Integration via REST API, frontend widget, operator CRM, and CMS & messaging tools, for use across site, app and messaging.
  • Tuning of the AI via bespoke model. Configuration, boosting & filtering out-of-the-box.
  • “Cold start problem” support, giving relevant results from a user’s first visit, before placing any wager.
  • Out-of-the-box analytics measuring AI performance across multiple KPIs.