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Powerful online predictive business dashboards, quick and easy

Visualize, analyze and compare your current & future business metrics with dashboards. We create insightful business dashboards to track your predicted KPIs so you can share them with your team for easier analysis, collaboration and adjusting to new strategies.

Customer Lifetime Value

Monitor future Customer Lifetime Value in a number of attributes, such as Customer Country, Age, Acquisition Source, Marketing Campaigns & Value Segments

Customer Value Segments

See not only your players’ current value segments, but monitor their transition of segments.

For example, for “High Activity” & “High Value” customers monitor which will drop segments, and market to them accordingly.

Customer 360

Use a Customer-360 Predictive Values dashboard at player level, to see current KPIs, and monitor predictive KPIs, including which segment players will be in the future, casual or VIP.

Accessible On All Devices

Keep on top of your predictive KPIs on the go! Access your dashboards & reports via PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.


  • Install PowerBi Desktop or access via PowerBI web portal
  • Download PowerBI app on mobile or tablet. Available on both the google play store & Apple app store
  • Access / Roles based viewing