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Personalized recommendations

The cornerstone of personalization: “Bets you may like” is Deep Learning out-of-the-box, always recommending players the most relevant bet(s) they will make next, from old favourite to new hot tip.

Beyond rules, segmentation & collaborative filtering, RightBet supports pre-match, live, personalized, even pre-login sports, league, event and market recommendations.

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Similar games, leagues, and more

Allow players to discover your offering organically, based on their interest, by suggesting related games, leagues, teams, athletes, sports to the one they are already interested in.

Unlike other AI algorithms Rightbet adapts to seasonality.

Combination Bet Recommendations

Make life easy for your users by providing them with pre-built combination bets. Whether it’s a personalized, popular or trending combination bet – punters will be sure to find something they like.

Swipe Bet Acca Builder

Bring the fun factor to your sportsbook, with our Swipe Bet feature. Giving your casual punters a personalized and familiar UI to compile accumulator bets, they will be sure to find their perfect match.

Real-time Market Suggestions

Rightbet has developed the most effective product for in-play betting. Utilizing our AI models to deliver the most relevant market to each user based on a trigger that occurs in an event.

Whether it’s a goal being scored, a red card being given, or any other significant event, our models instantly update and provide users with the most recommended market to bet on.

This not only saves time and effort for the user but also increases the chances of making a successful bet.

Directly integrates with the operator or sports platform’s live betting UI, app push, or SMS.

Favourite sports, leagues, teams

Use players’ favourite leagues, sports, athletes, teams etc across your entire offering, out-of-the-box, allowing them to discover your sports offering organically based on interest instead via static pre-selected categories.

Favourites adapt to seasonality, which other features don’t.


  • From data to production-ready model & API in 5 days.
  • Integration via REST API, frontend widget, kambi canvas, and operator CRM & messaging tools, for use across site, app and messaging.
  • Tuning of the AI via bespoke model, filtering, grouping & boosting of specific sports & bets.
  • “Cold start problem” support, giving relevant results from a user’s first visit, before placing any bet.
  • Out-of-the-box analytics measuring AI performance across multiple