Vaix is now part of the Sportradar family

OtherLevels and Vaix bring machine learning powered real time messaging to casinos and sportsbooks

Mar 2021 – OtherLevels and Vaix have signed an agreement to provide operators with real-time personalisation and churn prevention, to enhance player retention and lifetime value for operators.

Vaix is the leading & first to market AI solution for the I-Gaming industry and has collected over 25 billion transactions from over 15 million players across multiple different operators. Working with such large datasets allows VAIX to build solutions that delivers accurate predictions and relevant content to customers.

OtherLevels is a leading Customer Engagement Platform in I-Gaming and a market leader for real time messaging, enabling operators to trigger highly personalised, automated messages as events unfold, e.g. during a live sporting fixture or progressive jackpot game. OtherLevels processes 50+ billion data points a year, sending billions of targeted messages on behalf of its clients.

Combined, Vaix and OtherLevels solve the dual challenge of identifying and predicting when a customer is likely to churn with real-time decisioning and hyper personalised messaging. Engaging a player who has a high likelihood of churn with a bet/game recommendation in real-time, both in or out of session, can reduce the risk of churn and increase their life time value.

Andreas Hartmann, Co-founder and CEO at Vaix, said: “Engaging customers based on their predicted future value and serving them what they like most, was always the vision I and my Vaix colleagues had back when running operations & product at big iGaming operators. Deep Learning is getting the industry closer to this idea then anything before, and the reason why we started Vaix. The magic of our partnership with OtherLevels, is being able to use these insights, and reach out to players, in real-time.”

Brendan O’Kane, OtherLevels CEO added: “This is an important agreement for OtherLevels and our clients. The ability to extend OtherLevels existing segmentation and personalisation with machine learning powered insights and predictions, provides operators with an automated solution directly addressing churn risk, and next best game predictions. The result is enhanced player engagement and protection, stronger retention and higher player LTV.”